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Man sentenced to 81 years in prison for March 2019 murder

A man charged with murder, manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping, and criminal possession of a weapon will spend 81 years in prison.

Aries Ash, 32, of North Rose, received these charges in relation to the March 2019 death of Maximillion Cook.

During an argument, Ash shot Cook and then dismembered his body, place parts in trash bags and burning the rest. Parts of Cook’s body were found in an abandoned home in Syracuse.

After murdering Cook, Ash kidnapped another victim who was able to escape and identify Ash and his girlfriend Charisse Walton.

The couple was arrested in the city of Rochester three days after Cook had been killed. After police attempted to stop his vehicle, he crashed.

District Attorney Sandra Doorley said they were pleased with the sentence and that their hope was that Mr. Cook’s loved ones as well as the kidnapping victim and community were able to feel safer.