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New York State’s extra unemployment programs are coming to an end

With federal benefits ending for unemployment soon, New Yorkers are going to see less money from their unemployment checks.

Most programs are ending on September 5, but the Extended Benefits program may end August 9.

That program was an option for individuals who had already exhausted all other options and were still unemployed.

New York’s regular Unemployment Program will remain.

New Yorker’s collecting on the EB program could initially have up to 20 weeks depending on the state’s unemployment rate. If it ran at less that 8% for three months then the amount available would drop to 13 weeks.

August 9 marks the decrease from 20 weeks to 13.

This means if someone has been receiving it for over 13 weeks, they will no longer receive it August 9. If a person has been receiving it for less than 13 weeks, they will continue to get it until September 5 when the federal programs end.

Other programs ending the 5th of September are the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, and Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program.

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