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Home care workers feel underappreciated and underpaid

Health care workers had added stress during the pandemic, but many felt that they were already dealing with low wages and minimal staff.

Home care employees feel the same way, and many have had to leave the workforce.

One woman in Syracuse has been able to stay home with the use of home care for years, but after 14 years her provider was forced to leave her position due to the low wages.

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The annual income on average for home care workers is around $22,000.

In comparison, fast food workers are now making around $24,000 annually.

Many workers struggle to find transportation and are forced to use public transportation due to such low wages, and that became troublesome during the pandemic.

Former New York state assemblywoman Christine Pellegrino is pushing to allocate federal money that would provide transportation to home care workers.

A bill that would have paid more to home care workers was thrown out of the state budget this year.