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Beverly Animal Shelter currently has two pigeons in need of homes

Lenny, a pigeon currently living at Beverly Animal Shelter, is in need of a fitting family to go home to.

Right now shelter worker Eloisa Pescual brings him home at night to free fly, but said he is in need of a permanent place to live.

He is 3 pounds and 9 inches tall, scaring her cats.


She said though two people have come forward to adopt, the weren’t a good fit. He needs a family with little going on and not a lot of other animals.

He was brought to the shelter as a baby after falling out of his nest at Elderlee Inc. in Phelps.

Crispy, the second pigeon, came to the shelter from Seneca Meadows Inc. after flying near the methane flame in the landfill and being burnt.

She isn’t ready for adoption just yet, but they are hoping she will be able to fly again soon.