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RSV is resurfacing after being suppressed for over a year

Pediatrician with Guthrie Medical Group, Dr. Laura Leonard, says she is seeing an increase in children with Respiratory Syncytial Virus, better known as RSV.

RSV is a serious respiratory illness and it is spreading in the region quickly among children.

Dr. Leonard says this illness is different in the way it creates mucus; while at times there may not be a lot, others there can be a large amount creating challenges.

Normally the virus spreads in winter, but it is currently peaking during the summer.

She said the people who struggle when they contract this virus are generally young children with other medical problems and the elderly.

The reason for the shift in time of year for the virus is likely due to the masking that was happening for Covid-19.

Dr. Leonard said in March of 2020 there was a decrease in RSV and the flu immediately, then no resurgence until recently.

The recovery time is about a week, but there are no drugs to treat it. The recommendation is to bring a child to the doctor within 24 hours of symptoms.

Adults can contract RSV but it is much more severe in kids.

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