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ShoppingTown Mall will be turned into housing and office space as well as other businesses

Onondaga County is turning the space where ShoppingTown Mall currently sits into housing, restaurants, entertainment, retail, hospitality, and office space.

The county has chosen four companies for the job.

OHB Redev LLC is purchasing the mall from the county for $8 million and will be investing $300 million minimally for its redevelopment.

OHB Redev LLC is a joint venture with Redev CNY, Hueber-Breuer Construction, DalPos Architects and Housing Visions.

The plan is called District East and will have five different areas for the different things being built.

400 construction jobs will be created for this project and once it’s completed there will be 1,400 permanent jobs that need to be filled.

There is not yet a schedule for the construction because the project is so new.

Half the mall is going to be demolished for new buildings and two residential towers will be built. There will be around 450-500 apartments and condos.

The county ended up in possession of the mall after it closed last March during the pandemic and never reopened. It was part of a settlement with Moonbeam, the owner of the mall that filed for bankruptcy and claimed the mall was over assessed.

Construction isn’t expected to begin until 2022.

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