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Local man makes it big in Hollywood after losing race for Mayor in Skaneateles

Zack Ford of Skaneateles ran for Mayor in March and lost to trustee Mary Sennett.

Now he lives in Hollywood writing screenplays.

His current project is a horror movie called “Watcher” and follows the story of a woman who thinks she’s being watched in Bucharest by a serial killer.

The movie has already been filmed in Romania and has been in post production for six weeks.

Actors and actresses include Maika Monroe, Karl Glusman, and Burn Gorman.

The director is Chloe Okuno and is being co-prouced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Spooky Pictures.

After the success of selling the script for Watcher, he is now rewriting two horror screenplays for major Hollywood producers, as well as his own screenplay about a chimpanzee that terrorizes a small town.

Ford flew out to Hollywood on a whim for a vacation and wound up signing a lease after residing in Central New York working on screenplays for 16 years. He’s the son of filmmaker Lisa Ford, and followed in her footsteps after becoming influenced by one of her screenplays at the young age of 12.

Ford has big plans after breaking through the production scene on the East Coast over the last decade, and has decided to write memoir about his campaign for mayor, the corruption in the village of Skaneateles, and plans to run for Mayor again in 2025.