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Hornell Common Council bans any kind of smoking or tobacco use in parks

The Hornell Common Council has banned smoking, vaping, cannabis and any other kind of tobacco use in any municipal park.

The vote was unanimous during the June meeting in an effort to curb smoking marijuana in parks after it was made legal.

The ordinance was created by the Quality of Life Committee and quickly approved by the Law and Ordinance Committee in an effort to get it in front of the Council before the 4th of July weekend.

Deputy Mayor Jessica Cleveland explained they were trying to get the ordinance in place before any kind of family event took place.

There was no law before, only a resolution requesting there be no smoking in the parks. Now residents can be fined by Hornell Police anywhere between $50 and $250.

Cannabis has also been added to a list of substances that cannot be within 30 feet of bus stops if students are present.

While the new ban has been in effect, the Hornell Police have yet to fine anyone for the violation.