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Waterloo Democrats will meet to choose candidates

Democrats in the town of Waterloo with select candidates for the elections in November at a caucus held July 16 at 7 p.m. at Chairman Ted Young’s home.

The party will be looking for nominations for supervisor, two seats on the town board, town clerk, tax collector, and highway superintendent.

Town clerk, Sandra Ridley, has stated after 12 years she is not seeking another term.

Tyrone Thomas, one of the seats on the town board, and Joe Mull, highway superintendent, are running for new terms.

Republican and Democratic parties have until July 22 to submit a certificate of nomination for a candidate to run in November in Covert. The vacant seat was held by Jeffrey Vann who passed away in March.

Democrats in Fayette will caucus on July 14 and Democrats in Varick will caucus July 19.