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June Snapshot for Seneca Falls Police Department

In June 2021, members of the Seneca Falls Police Department documented 2007 duty-related events. These events include: responding to 973 calls for service, conducting 874 property checks on both business and residential properties, and 143 traffic stops.

One hundred five tickets were issued consisting of 2 Felony, 24 Misdemeanor, and 79 Infractions. Out of these traffic tickets, officers arrested two individuals for Driving While Intoxicated.

Thirty-two motor vehicle crashes were investigated in June, consisting of 5 personal injury and 27 property damage.

Thirty-nine individuals were arrested, resulting in 47 Penal Law charges. These charges yielded the filing of 3 Felony, 9 Misdemeanors, and 35 Violations with Town Court. During these contacts, this agency recorded six subject resistance reports in June, resulting in no injuries to civilians or officers. There were three citizen/officer complaints filed and numerous citizen/officer compliments filed.

The members of the Seneca Falls Police Department utilized the department iPad for remote mental health services three times. Out of the three times, two individuals were stabilized within their home while one individual requested a transport for further evaluation by Clifton Springs Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program.

In comparing June 2020 to June 2021, calls for service were up 27% (763/973); criminal charges were down 90% (90/47); traffic tickets were up 77% (59/105); traffic accidents were up 60% (20/32). Domestic Disturbance was up 4% (24/25); Mental Health Incidents were up 90% (20/38); Driving While Intoxicated arrests were down 33% (3/2).