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Better Business Bureau warns of online scams pretending to be USPS for people looking to change their address

The Better Business Bureau warns of scams online for people looking to skip the trip to legally change their address.

Jenn Butcher was moving from Brockport to Holley and searched what she thought was the United States Post Office on Google, and paid what she believed would be $1.05 to change her address.

When she checked her bank account she had been charged almost $90 and her address was not changed.

Melanie McGovern, with the BBB, said that websites built to scam will do everything they can to look legitimate, including paying for Google to boost their websites to the top in a search.

Unfortunately for Butcher, there’s little her bank can do since she agreed to pay the $1.05 for the service.

McGovern urges people to always look for signs, like the site ending with .gov, and that .com is a red flag for something like this.

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