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Chicken wing shortages continue

News10NBC’s Nikki Rudd recently did a fact check on numerous shortages regarding the pandemic and where we stand with these shortages now.

While lumber prices have gone down about 50% from where they were in May, they’re still higher than they were a year ago.

Chlorine for pools continues to be in short supply, and part of that is the lack of bottles and cardboard to package it in.

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One huge shortage currently happening is in the chicken wing industry.

Rudd spoke with the owner of Windjammers in Charlotte, a popular business known for their wings.

The owner stated that a year ago they purchased a case of wings for $80 and that same case is currently $160. The owner stated that wholesalers have said a third of their workforce is gone.

While some things are returning to normal, like toilet paper, wings do not appear to be dropping in price anytime soon.