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Fayette Rural Cemetery receives access to water

The Fayette Rural Cemetery has been around since the 1800s, and until recently has not had accessible water. Residents have needed to bring jugs of water to he cemetery in order to maintain gravesites.

The Rural Fayette Cemetery Association contacted the town board in 2014 requesting assistance to acquire water in the area but it was not possible to put in a water line, according to an article published by the Finger Lakes Times.

Mike Clancy who had recently lost his son, and Town Board member Jeff Trout, who has five generations of family buried in the cemetery, inquired again about water six years later. This time the news was good.

After a water line was installed close by it made it possible for the cemetery to hook into it.

Donations made by Trout and his grandfather, Howard Poorman Jr. helped launch the project and the donation of time from Clancy, Shawn Stoll, Damon Nicholson, Tim Nicholson and Ben Karlsen allowed to the trench to be laid for the line.

The Pike Co. donated material and equipment and Seneca Stone donated stone for the project.