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Developer of Dollar General store no longer pursuing project in Arkport

A developer originally planning to build a Dollar General store in Arkport has pulled out of the project.

The Arkport Zoning Board was prepared to vote Wednesday night on variances requested by the Broadway Group, the developer looking to open a Dollar General on Route 36 inside the village limits.

An email sent to Barbara Maker, the Zoning Board chair, by a Broadway Group attorney informed her that they were no longer planning the project due to environmental issues.

The environmental issues were related to the area’s floodplain designation, where developers had originally pledged to build above to show there would be no adverse effect on the floodplain.

Maker informed Elizabeth H. Holmes, the developer’s attorney, that the meeting had been scheduled, to which Holmes replied the client indicated that due to the environmental constraints they would no longer be pursuing development in the location, so there would be no need for a hearing and the meeting was canceled.

Maker, caught off guard, requested something to officially state that they would no longer be pursuing development.

The development had been opposed from the beginning by many members of the community, concerned for traffic and more accidents that could potentially occur, along with the athletic fields being so close to where the store would be. They also opposed the possible hardship on already existing businesses.