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Demolition work begins at Auburn church after months of concern about possible collapse

A church that has been a challenge for city of Auburn officials over the last several months is coming down.

Demolition has started on the Wall Street Methodist Episcopal Church this week.

The City applied for a court order to demolish the church, which was built in 1886. It hasn’t been used in more than two decades.

A springtime wind storm made the situation worse, with city officials saying that the structural integrity of the building was in doubt. Specifically, there were concerns about the steeple collapsing, which would create a potentially deadly debris field.

Workers from Auburn Rigging and O’Connell Excavation on Tuesday began removing the historic bell from the church steeple, according to Finger Lakes News Radio.

Finger Lakes News Radio’s Ed Helinski was there and captured video of the work being done on-site.

Photo by Ed Helinski, Finger Lakes News Radio.