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Three promotions by Wayne County Sheriff

Barry Virts, the Wayne County Sheriff, recently made three promotions within the police department according to the Finger Lakes Times.

Road Patrol Lieutenant Joseph Croft was promoted to chief deputy on April 16. He is a 23 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office with k9 experience, along with experience in road patrol, criminal investigations, and as a team leader for the emergency response team.

On May 7 Tammy Ryndock was promoted from sergeant investigator to lieutenant of criminal investigations. Ryndock is a former road patrol sergeant and criminal investigator.

Sergeant investigator Matthew Hilkert was promoted to lieutenant of road patrol on May 7. Hilkert is an 18 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, a previous criminal investigator and a former team leader of the emergency response team.

“Chief Deputy Joseph Croft, Lt. Tammy Ryndock and Lt. Matt Hilkert all have the knowledge and expertise to do an exceptional job in the areas of the sheriff’s office they will oversee and are responsible for,” Virts said in a news release.

“Their leadership will ensure the tasks, duties and functions they are accountable for in the sheriff’s office are conducted by the professional standards expected through our accreditation standards.”