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RG&E begins substation modernization work in Williamson

Rochester Gas and Electric says it has started upgrades to Station #208 in Williamson, located on East Townline Road, as part of the company’s commitment to continue making necessary infrastructure updates.

The modernization project will include removing the existing structure to install an innovative pre-fabricated indoor substation with new and upgraded equipment. The project is expected to be completed and in service by the end of the year.

Substations play a crucial role in the electrical transmission and distribution systems. One of its main functions is to lower electricity voltage so it can be easily supplied to homes and businesses through distribution lines.

“We’re excited to get the Station 208 modernization project underway, which will increase reliability for the roughly 700 customers,” said Mike Craven, Vice President of Electric Operations at RG&E. “We take the responsibility of providing our customers with safe and reliable service very seriously and are continually evaluating our system. Station 208 was identified for upgrades because some of its current equipment dates back to the 1950s.”

The modernization project will quadruple Station 208’s current capacity in anticipation of growing local energy demand. This will include upgrading the existing transformer with a new, more efficient transformer and replacing the entire existing outdoor substation with a pre-fabricated indoor substation that will house a new battery system and communication system, among other equipment. The project will also create a critical contingency connection with nearby substations and distribution circuits so if a local power outage occurs, Station 208 can be an alternative source to temporarily supply power while repairs are made.

To ensure customers’ power won’t be impacted during the demolition and rebuilding process, RG&E will bring in a mobile substation to serve customers throughout construction.

The pre-fabricated indoor substation to be installed as part of this project is a new, innovative solution being implemented by RG&E and its parent company, AVANGRID. Traditionally a substation rebuild project can take two to three years to build and complete. The pre-fabricated indoor substation significantly decreases that construction timeframe by building and testing the components of the substation offsite.

“When evaluating and planning a project, we always look for the best solution for our customers,” Craven said. “The pre-fabricated indoor substation is cost-effective and ensures the substation is upgraded as soon as possible for our customers. We expect to use this “plug and play” technology more and more across our service areas when appropriate.”

The Station 208 modernization is one off the several local investments RG&E is making in its delivery system to provide additional power to meet growing demand, increase reliability, and accommodate growth and economic development in its service areas. Currently, the company is also working to upgrade circuit 794 in the towns of Sodus, Huron, and Wolcott, and has plans for numerous other reliability upgrade projects in the area.

RG&E advises customers that temporary and minor increases in construction-related traffic on East Townline Road are expected during the project period.

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