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4 awesome lead-buying websites: Where to buy leads successfully

The modern business world tends to move towards optimization. Companies wish to save their time and efforts and while promoting themselves. Luckily, hundreds of services offer businesses what they need to grow, and some of them can be found here. Services selling email contacts or even email lists of potential clients have become quite common today. Still, not all of them sell quality business leads that work. So, who are you supposed to trust?

We analyzed the selling business market leads to point out those services that offer quality contact data. Working with them, you can be sure that you will spend your money to get measurable results. Below you may find four services that can become a beneficial tool both for experienced companies and those who only started their business.

UpLead – one of the top CRM tools in the sphere of selling leads

Salesfully – this service is known among newborn companies and small entrepreneurs.

D&B Hoovers – this tool may be attractive to businesses targeting customers in a particular location.

SignalHire – a leads selling tool that is excellent for experienced companies that operate through social networks, email, and phone.

The Way We Estimate Why This Or That Tool Is Good

Despite a massive variety of lead-selling tools, most of them operate through very similar patterns. The majority of them use social networks for finding suitable contacts and try to keep their targeting information as relevant as possible. Still, keep in mind that despite their pluses, these tools may have their cons, which we are going to discuss below.


This tool will be a perfect solution for B2B companies that search for new contacts. All references in UpLead lists are checked for their reputation, so you can be sure that all contacts there are verified and clear. UpLead pricing is relatively reasonable. Using this tool in the Essential mode will cost you about $99 per month. For this sum, you will get 170 credits. As for the Plus plan, you will have to pay $199 and get 400 credits. The cost of The Professional program is $399 credits that will give you 1.00 credits.


Leads are imported directly into CRMs.

More than 30million contacts are available.

You can make verification online.


Some may find this resource too expensive.

You can’t get in touch using just a phone.


Salesfully is another excellent tool for B2B needs and is famous for its straightforward interface. Updates there are done in real-time. Also, it has powerful search engines that will help you get the most suitable contacts quickly. The pricing of Salesfully is quite adequate. There is plan gradation on this site, which means that all of its users are equal. All Users have to pay only $29 per month. The first 100 leads are free for everyone, and further, you will have the possibility of exporting almost 10.000 leads at once. Also, this resource guarantees you a refund in 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with the service.


    • The number of downloadable leads is unlimited.


    It gives you the possibility to access almost 200 million leads.


    • No email support


    Problems with Integration into CRM

D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers is a perfect tool for companies aiming to find people according to their geographical location. It means that this tool is a territory-oriented app that gives you the possibility to buy leads within a specific area you are interested in. This tool is well designed and is maintained by dedicated professionals who play leading roles in the modern IT industry.

Interestingly, D&B Hoovers has no fixed prices for its services. The only move you should do is get in touch with its administration and discuss all terms of use. Luckily, you can use it for free during a specific period.


This tool gives you a connection to more than 120 million leads in over 190 countries.

Geographical search engines work flawlessly.


Its interface is not as convenient as other similar resources.

Unclear pricing policy


Perhaps this tool is the most convenient compared to others as it can be integrated into the Google Chrome browser, which is familiar to almost everyone. So, it is a perfect choice for businesses. There are several pricing plans that SignalHire offers including a free one granting 5 email credits per month. All the paid plans will cost you $39 per month. For this money, the Lead Generation will provide 350 email credits, the Phone Box will grant 100 phone credits, while the Recruiter Pro offers you 100 contact credits. Another option is Enterprise, an individual premium plan designed personally for every user. To get this pricing, you have to contact the support and get in touch with SignalHire’s admins.


This tool is easily installed into the Google Chrome browser and is very easy to get used to for almost everyone.

It has over 400 million contacts in the database.

All available contacts are accurate and precisely chosen.


Free version will not be useful as it only has 5 searches.

In conclusion, we should say that most tools that help you to buy lead work using almost the same patterns. The difference between them is the quality of the result and their overall user-friendliness. The resources mentioned above are considered the most effective and easy to use for almost every person or company. With some tools, like SignalHire, you can actually use API, where you can find more information on potential leads.

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