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Why rodent-proofing your home can save you money in the long run

Millions of people across the world have had to deal with rodents, both rats and mice alike. They’re especially common in urban or suburban areas, meaning that the already common issue is continuing to grow alongside most populations. Where there are large numbers of rodents, there are also large numbers of infestations and invasions, those which can cost in the thousands for high-quality control and removal. These rat control services take care of your rodent issues and usually include prevention for the future.

Even still, it’s still much more expensive than the alternative: rodent-proofing your home. Quality rat or mouse removal services cost around $339, while the full cleanup, removal, and prevention of re-entry can cost upwards of $2,000. Compare that to the roughly $200 average in rodent-proofing, and you can likely already see the benefits.

Over 21 million US households report a rodent infestation every winter. For reference, that’s one-sixth of the entire country’s total household count. That’s on top of the several million more during other seasons and across other countries. As such, it seems like it might be pretty hard to prevent rodent invasions if this happens so often. The thing is, it’s really not. The few easy steps to prevent rodents from entering your home in the future can save you thousands in the long run.

What do I need to know to rodent-proof my home?

There are actually only a few things that you need to consider in order to effectively and accurately rodent-proof your home. These include:

  • Learning the Difference Between Rats and Mice: on first glance, this might not seem like an exceptionally large difference, comparing a rodent to a smaller rodent. Even still, it can make a huge difference in the future. Rats are more likely to live throughout and cause more damage to your home. They’re larger, more dangerous, and will eat anything. Mice, on the other hand, also prefer crowded areas, but are less likely to cause property damage. These are much smaller, feast on grains and moisture, and are less aggressive. Mice-proofing may focus on outdoor measures, while rat-proofing may focus on securing floorboards and the like. Determining which animal is more common in your area can make a big difference in the long run. You can visit to learn more.
  • Find Smaller Entrances to Your Home: this consideration doesn’t just help with rodents, as properly taking care of your entrances can reduce AC and heating bills, keep out flies and pests, and more. Determining the most likely spots for a rat or mouse to come through, is the easiest step to this whole process. While these rodents can obviously find another way in, they often move into a home thanks to the ease of access and lack of needing to construct a home. If you’re having trouble finding the potential rodent entry points into your home, you can always contact a professional wildlife control company for help like Magic Touch Exterminating and Wildlife Control.
  • Proofing Solutions vs. Removal Costs: as mentioned, the upfront costs of proofing your home from rodents are much lower than removing them. An investment of a relatively small $100-$200 into rodent-proofing your home, easily beats the upwards of $1,500 in rat control services you may need along the road. In addition, this prevention can also protect against other animals, including snakes, pests, bugs, and the like. Remember, spending $200 upfront to save $1,300 along the line is much more worth it than tempting fate in the future.
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How can a home be rodent-proofed?

Rodent-proofing depends entirely on where (and whether or not) rodents live in your home. Solutions can range from simply a cleaning and maintaining of your home to sealing access points or caulking other entrances. It’s important to contact a professional animal control or removal company in order to take care of proofing, thanks in part to their tools and knowledge of how rodents operate.

Remember, the few extra dollars spent on proofing, and the few extra dollars spent on professional opinions or servicing can lead to a fortune saved down the road, in heating/AC bills, saved medical trips, prevented property damage, lowered overall spending on rodent removal, and much more. It definitely helps to get your home rodent-proofed, and it’s something simple but overlooked by nearly 21 million households across the United States. Check yourself off that list of potential homes infested by investing in rodent-proofing today.

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