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Is there a gasoline shortage? AAA says not quite, just a shortage of truck drivers

Is there going to be a shortage of gasoline this summer?

We’ve been hearing plenty about shortages of different items- brought on by supply chain challenges during the pandemic.

News10NBC spoke with AAA to explore that question. April Engram from AAA of Western and Central New York says it’s not quite as it seems- as far as a gas shortage is concerned.

Travel slowed during the height of the pandemic, demand decreased, and truck drivers who delivered gas were laid off. She says many of them found other work.

There are a few communities across the country who are dealing with gasoline shortages based on an inability to get deliveries. However, that’s not happening in Western New York- and it certainly doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of gas.

It just is taking a little longer to get to its final destination.

“There is enough supply nationwide to meet with an increased demand of travel now,” Engram added. “We just need drivers to help get the gasoline to the station.”

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