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Are masks needed for outdoor activities still as COVID vaccination increases?

Do you have to wear a mask outside if you’re around other people?

That has been a growing question- one that Centers for Disease Control officials say they will be exploring in the coming days.

At least 50% of the population in several counties in the region have received the vaccine. That said there’s a lot of mixed messaging out there- which was acknowledged by Dr. Emil Lesho, infectious disease doctor with Rochester Regional Health.

He spoke with News10NBC about the situation. “We’re sending messages of optimism and saying ‘hey we’re around the corner.’ At the same time you have people like me saying well, continue to do… so which is it? So we acknowledge it’s a confusing message,” he said.

Lesho says wait until there’s more information if you’re going to be within 6 feet of others outdoors. If you’re alone, or remaining socially distant- the mask can be ditched. Other experts say that who has, or hasn’t been vaccinated plays a role, too.

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