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What’s next in Albany now that the budget has been adopted?

Now that the state budget has been adopted, there are a handful of issues that will likely become focus points for lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Some of them are expected, while others are less-discussed items.

Among the items up for debate is parole law changes, which would overhaul parole laws in New York. Advocates say the changes would make it easier for incarcerated people to be released, and include more provisions for elderly parolees.

Climate change is another big one. The state is considering a fee for pollution- companies would be charged an additional tax for what they are contributing to the atmosphere, and those funds would be returned to communities impacted by the outcome of pollution.

Lastly, is the ongoing issues around Gov. Cuomo himself. He has not held a press conference with the press allowed in-person in months, and recently, has fully-blocked the press from participating in events.