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What if you get COVID-19 between doses of vaccine?

What happens if you get the COVID-19 vaccine and then test positive for the virus?

Specifically, the question has been posed- looking at the steps that are necessary if a person tests positive in-between doses. spoke with Dr. Colleen Fogarty from the University of Rochester, says it just means a little extra ‘wait time’.

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“So if someone has a COVID infection, if they have symptoms the guidelines are the same as even if you’re not between your vaccinations is that you need to have 10 days after your last symptom and your last fever before you may go off isolation and that includes going in for your vaccination,” Dr. Fogarty told

He notes that even postponing two weeks in the worst case scenario won’t impact the effectiveness of it.

“It’s 10 days after the last symptom or in asymptomatic 10 days after the positive test and you’d go back for the second vaccination after that,” Fogarty added.

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