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FL1 DAILY: Livingston County gets creative with economic development to spur Main St. growth (podcast)

The Dream-O-Vate Busienss Competition is a local effort in Livingston County to bolster downtown business. The program awards $300,000 in prizes to a total of 15 winners. Bill Bacon, who serves as Director of Economic Development for Livingston County calls it an important component to growth. “Starting a business is hard work – especially in today’s economy,” he said in an announcement in March. “Through the Dream-O-Vate competition we hope to ease that transition into business for fifteen innovative entrepreneurs. In doing so, we’re not only helping the winners, but also our existing businesses as we add to the critical mass in our communities.”

Today on the show a conversation with Maureen Wheeler, who serves as deputy director of Livingston County Economic Development. She explained the importance of the program- and how it works for new and old businesses.