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Some businesses excited by legalization of marijuana in New York

Not all businesses are worried about marijuana legalization and what that might mean for the workforce. Some of them are downright excited about its legalization in New York.

After Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement over the weekend- a few businesses that spoke with News10NBC said they are excited by the news.

“I’d like to see it become legal for recreational medical purposes, they just have to get it right,” Jeff Wood said. He’s the owner of AllNatural CBD Store in Gates. He views recreational approval as an extension of the medical marijuana benefits.

He hopes the state gets the regulatory side right. In his experience, marijuana meant relief from nausea brought on by chemo treatments as a cancer patient.

Among his concerns- the way in which it will be taxed.

“I feel like it’s more of a money thing than anything, for the state it sees it as an opportunity to just make money where it’s not just all about money it’s about helping people,” he told News10NBC.