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Does money have antibacterial properties?

Paper money is known to carry bacteria and germs and is a hospitable surface to keep these germs alive for up to 2 days. As such, one must have a way of disinfecting this money so that they can prevent disease. When it comes to the flu, paper money is known to carry this virus and transport it from one place to another for up to 17 days. It is for this reason that a disinfection cabinet is needed to disinfect the money in banks and other institutions that handle money.

New money comes with a proprietary substance that is antimicrobial. As such, new money may not transmit or harbor bacteria. However, when money wears out, it becomes a breeding ground for microbes, and as such, older money will transmit bacteria.

With the above in mind, you may be wondering what people need to do to ensure the money they handle does not transmit bacteria. Well, we shall discuss some of the ways one can prevent getting infected with bacteria from paper money and coins.

How to prevent bacterial infections from Money…

  1.     Wash hands with soap or use a sanitizer

It is possible to clean money but this can be a complicated process. As such, one of the best ways to protect yourself from germs transmitted through money is by washing hands with soap and running water. You may also use a sanitizer after you have handled money.   

  1.     Wear sanitary gloves while handling money

This is another very important way one can prevent germs from infecting them. As we all know, paper money and coins do carry germs and a pair of sanitary gloves can be a good way to prevent infection from germs in the money.

  1.     Using UV Light for Disinfection

This is another very important method of disinfecting paper or coin money. Even though traditional methods of cleaning money are easy to use, these are not always the perfect way to kill germs in money. Ultraviolet technology is known to kill germs and bacteria quickly and better than the other methods of disinfecting money.  This may be a little costly when it comes to the acquisition of disinfection cabinets. However, the benefits of using UV Light far outweigh the costs of acquiring the disinfection cabinets.

Here are the benefits of using UV disinfection cabinets for disinfecting money:

  •       UV Light is known to be non-toxic. As such, when using this method to disinfect money, you can be sure you will not be affected. This is unlike chemicals that one can use to clean money.
  •       The use of UV Light for the disinfection of money is very effective since UV light will kill all the harmful organisms that are found in money.
  •       UV Light will kill all the microorganisms. There are no microorganisms that can be resistant to UV Light. As such, the use of UV light disinfection cabinets is the best when it comes to the prevention of diseases that can be caused by germs found in money.

From the above arguments, money indeed carries bacteria and other microorganisms that people should be wary of.

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