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Affordable ways to make your home look luxurious

Sophistication and luxury is something we all strive for in our homes and lives alike. In general, having a luxurious home equates to having copious amounts of money in order to purchase luxurious items for your home, but this does not have to be the case. Most guides would advise you to buy incredibly costly items, however there are many ways to make your home feel luxurious in an affordable manner. A sophisticated, luxurious home may seem out of reach, but with these helpful tips and tricks you’ll be living in luxury, whilst staying under budget.

Big Art Pieces

A large piece of art in a room immediately attracts the eye and is an excellent conversation starter. Big art pieces can be used as a sophisticated centrepiece of a room that can serve many purposes, such as: bringing in a new colour or match with an existing colour scheme. Often times art can be a pricey investment but there are ways to include a big, beautiful art piece like a canvas from Artfrill in your home for an affordable price. Making your own art piece adds a fantastic personal touch to your home and keeps you under budget. Second hand art is also a beautiful way to bring art and history into your home and with that, an undeniable luxurious feel.

Try Different Textiles

When all of your furniture and décor consists of the same textures and fabrics, the room tends to lack dimension and fall flat. A simple way to add dimension is to make use of colours, whether it’s new colours or variations of existing colours. Having a well thought out colour scheme will make a room look well planned out and in turn, sophisticated. When making use of throw pillows, make sure to buy pillows of differing sizes, textures and colours to add depth to your space and bring in that much needed dimension.

Have Long Curtains

Having short curtains are a big no-no when it comes to home décor. Curtains that do not reach the floor look ill fitted and cheap whilst floor length curtains look luxurious and tailor-made to your home. Having long curtains is essential to giving your home that beautiful, sophisticated and luxurious feel so it is vital to measure your windows before buying new curtains. If new curtains are out of your budget, they are a fairly easy do-it-yourself project. Simply buy the correct amount of fabric and take it to your local tailor or drycleaner to get them sewn. This way you have curtains that are made specifically to your taste and your opulent living space.

Have the Right Paint

The first and most basic step to achieving your dream home is to have the right colour paint for your walls. Neutral walls are the best and easiest way to achieve a lavish look in your home. Whilst it is possible to have a bright and bold colour scheme, having bright walls makes it difficult to match furniture and décor successfully.

Flowers Are Sophisticated

Flowers and pot plants are the best way to make your home look luxurious in an instant. The green from the plants adds a lot of valuable colour to the space, especially if you have chosen a more neutral colour scheme. There are many ways to do this on a budget, such as going to the grocery store and buying a fairly priced bouquet of flowers, then separating the flowers into smaller bouquets and placing them in vases around your home. This is a simply, cost and time effective way to stretch your money and liven up your home. If your grocery store does not have any bouquets you fancy, going into your garden and trimming some greenery from your plants to put into vases in your home is an extremely cost effective way to instantly brighten the space and give it that luxurious feel.

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