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More technical decisions of the 2021: access control systems

An important component of the security of any protected object is to restrict the entry of unauthorized objects into it. In order to prevent various consequences, a lot of customers choose access control systems.

This is a specially designed set of devices and software used to streamline the entry or exit of people or vehicles to a protected facility and work for their identification, accounting or different additional tasks. Invision Security Group offers a vivid variety of services that will help you in any deal, ensuring your safety and comfort.

Diversity of the door access control system

There are a lot of different modern systems which regulate access to a guarded building, premises or a fenced area. As for the operating conditions, access control systems may be divided in 2 groups:

  • local systems mounted on only one door or other obstruction device;

  • network access control systems, covering several access points to the facility and to its individual premises.

According to the method of setting up and issuing a report, building access control systems can be:

  • software-controlled, configurable via the computer or smartphone, issuing its own report to it;

  • autonomous configuration, which is performed using its own screen and keyboard.

As for the identifiers, they can be:

  • keychain with a chip;

  • card access control systems;

  • a contactless card with a tag applied using RFID technology.

It is a kind of object that stores the access code for the object, by which the system determines the owner and whether they have access rights. The code entered from the keyboard, car numbers or biometric data of a person can also be used as a kind of identifier of the door access control system.

What are biometric access control systems?

The most common methods of the biometric identification today are fingerprint recognition and identification by the geometry of the face or the retina. This kind of control offers much better protection compared to traditional accounting and access control tools. In fact, the biometric parameters of a person are much more difficult or even impossible to fake. Therefore, these commercial access control systems are among the most reliable.

Besides, modern biometric control devices, including systems using face recognition, operate almost in real time and provide reliable access control, time tracking at the enterprise, etc. This type of control is also successfully used to ensure the safety of trade secrets of an enterprise or an individual, restricting access to classified content for unauthorized people. Finally, the simplicity and reliability of biometric building access control systems makes it possible to use it literally at any facility that requires differentiation of access rights.

Why do you need commercial access control systems?

Today security systems are able to tackle a wide variety of tasks, which may be conditionally divided into basic and additional.

As a rule, security devices are used to perform several functions:

  • identification of the object entitled to entrance using card access control systems;

  • restriction of prohibited access by unauthorized people or vehicles;

  • entry control to individual rooms at the place with a special access regime;

  • opening a barrier device for the passage of particular people, transport;

  • control of operating modes of locking mechanisms.

In addition, access control systems can sort out some additional important tasks:

  • take into account the working hours of employees or even calculate their salaries when integrating with the accounting system;

  • collect and analyze the base of visitors;

  • carry out more useful checking functions thanks to biometric access control systems;

  • solve general security issues through using alarm and video surveillance services, for example, open exits or close fire doors in event of emergency;

  • manage all life support structures of the facility.

Being improved and modernized every year, access control systems have become an integral part of many organizations. Today, these services may be used in hotels, industrial enterprises, malls, gyms, parkings as well as in schools, museums or government areas. Just choose the required type of security system, all the rest is up to Invision Security Group!

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