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Yankees manager Aaron Boone hopes to return Saturday after pacemaker surgery

Aaron Boone seems to have made a speedy recovery from the pacemaker placement surgery he had on Wednesday, and is looking to return to the dugout as early as this Saturday.

Boone, who’s been the Yankees’ manager since 2018, was extremely upbeat as he spoke to reporters over Zoom on Friday.

“I feel great. … I can’t believe how good I feel,” Boone said with a big smile on his face. “It makes me really glad that I got this done, because I certainly, the last couple of months, have not felt anywhere close to how I felt this morning, even yesterday morning getting out of the hospital. So really excited about it, excited to get back.”

When asked when we could expect him safely back with the team, Boone said he’s “hoping tomorrow.”

“If not tomorrow, I’m hoping for Sunday. But hopefully one of these next two days,” he said. “. … I think I’m ready to be back.”

Boone needs to clear COVID-19 health and safety protocols before returning.

Yanks GM Brian Cashman spoke after Boone and said his manager FaceTimed him almost immediately after his surgery.

“The energy, how good he looked, the personality was so vibrant. … just wow,” Cashman said. “A real tip of the cap to the expertise in the medical field and what these exceptional doctors and their specialty areas are able to do for people. It’s just incredible.

“I know he’s jumping at the bit to get back into the dugout, back into that Yankee uniform. … but the greatest thing is he just feels amazing.”