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Home » Valentine's Day » Chair of Cayuga County Dems calls for Gov. Cuomo to resign, or be impeached

Chair of Cayuga County Dems calls for Gov. Cuomo to resign, or be impeached

The chair of the Democratic Committee in Cayuga County is calling for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign, or for New York State Assembly to begin impeachment proceedings.

“It has become clear in recent days that Andrew Cuomo is not fit to continue to serve as Governor of our state. The Governor should immediately resign and a thorough independent investigation of this administration’s actions should begin immediately,” Chair Ian Phillips said in a statement. “The multiple, disturbing reports of sexual harassment in recent days are the latest in a string of unacceptable behavior from the Governor. His explanation attempting to blame these disturbing comments on misunderstood jokes serves to further underscore that he is unfit to lead.”

In his statement, he pointed to other examples of illicit behavior by Gov. Cuomo.

“Prior to these most recent reports, he attempted to silence legislators, including but not limited to Assemblyman Ron Kim over their attempts to get the facts surrounding the state’s handling of nursing home deaths related to COVID-19. Similar action, in the form of releasing the personnel file of former Empire State Development Chief of Staff Lindsey Boylan, shows that this is a pattern of behavior that shows no signs of abating,” Phillips continued. “In this time of crisis, the State of New York needs leadership that is focused on recovery, not punishing whistleblowers. Immediate resignation and a swift transition to an administration led by Lt. Governor Hochul is necessary to refocus on these recovery efforts. If the Governor indicates that he is unwilling to resign and begin this transition the Assembly should begin immediate impeachment proceedings.”

He says that while resignation would be a positive step for the state, it would not be a resolution to the allegations leveled against Cuomo. “[It] is not a path to justice,” Phillips continued. “Therefore, two fully independent investigations must begin; one in respect to deaths in New York’s nursing homes, the second to bring justice to the victims of the Governor’s disturbing personal misconduct.”