Tom Brady’s Super Bowl helmet can be purchased for almost $4,000

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are holding a private autograph session for collectors, selling items from the Super Bowl. The most expensive items are signed by Tom Brady. This news was shared on

The price of quarterback Tom Brady’s signature has doubled in value in four years. Collectors and specialty shop owners can buy exclusive items at the club’s autograph session.

A photo from Super Bowl LV with Brady’s signature will cost you $1,600. In 2017, when Tom had five Super Bowl rings instead of seven, you could pay $850.

Autograph on the ball is $2,000 and signature on the mini-helmet is $1,800. Signed Tampa jersey from the last finals is $3,000. The most expensive item is a helmet from the LV Super Bowl autographed by Tom and inscribed LV MVP for $3,700.

Not surprisingly, the Buccaneers QB is now not just a seven-time Super Bowl winner, but also a five-time Finals MVP.