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Canandaigua looks at co-working space for downtown building

Canandaigua could have a co-working space soon.

The Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce is looking to turn some of its downtown space at 113 S. Main St. into a co-working venture.

The 2,400-sq-ft space would be a reflection of growing trends toward shared work spaces for freelancers, and sole proprietors.

“Informed by national trends and local commitments to bring jobs into downtown centers, activate dormant commercial space and create live-work friendly communities, the Chamber is actively pursuing attractive and affordable new ways to attract and retain business in historic downtown Canandaigua,” Chamber President Ethan Fogg said. “One of those ways is establishing high-quality, convenient, co-work space within the building we have used for offices, meeting space and a visitor center since the early 1990s.”

There’s approximately 1,200-sq-ft on the first floor and another 1,200 on the second. Geneva’s Port 100 co-working space has seen significant success over the last several years, and was at least part inspiration for the proposal.

“The success of the project is contingent upon a strong partner, successful financing and other considerations,” Fogg said.

Deadline for proposals is February 26 at 2 p.m.