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Lawmakers call for registration system for vaccine appointments to simplify process

State lawmakers are looking for an easier way to get people signed up for the COVID-19 vaccine.

In just a few days the number of people eligible for the vaccine will expand again. Seniors and advocates for them have raised concerns about the complexity of the state system, which requires that a person repeatedly ‘sign-up’ for the vaccine until an appointment is available.

The answer? A registration system.

Democratic Assemblyman John McDonald is calling for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office to develop a statewide registration tool. That would allow people to turn in all of their data, and then be queued based on that information.

In theory, it would also allow individuals to submit necessary paperwork associated with their appointment. Then, New Yorkers would wait for a call.

Republican Assemblyman Steve Hawley told 13WHAM-TV that this wouldn’t solve the biggest issue: Doses available in communities around the state. Last week, county lawmakers in Yates County received an update from their public health department leadership team, who noted that they were averaging just 100 doses per week since distribution began in mid-December.

That said, many believe this is an answer to the ongoing issues.

Click here to check your availability within the current system.