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Historic portrait of Susan B. Anthony found in Geneva building

David Whitcomb was going through the attic in a Geneva building while renovating his downtown office when he found an incredible piece of history.

“Every person wants to find treasure. We all hope to find gold or something buried inside… in the attic… and we did […] it actually happened in my lifetime,” Whitcomb told News10NBC.

It was an historical portrait of Susan B. Anthony.

He and a friend pulled down a section of drop ceiling and while they poked around – found an untouched portrait.

“We got very excited,” he recalled to News10NBC. “When I poked my head up and I stuck the flashlight in the direction I was looking was a stack of portraits.”

A prominent photographer in the area had the property more than 100 years ago, which is why there were photos, photographers equipment, portraits, and other items in the space.