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Canandaigua City Council rescinds resolution to study racetrack noise

In their second 2021 meeting on February 4, 2021, Canandaigua City Council rescinded a resolution to create a noise study related to Land of Legends Raceway and approved five new resolutions.

At the January 7, 2021, Council meeting Council narrowly approved Resolution 2021-008. The Resolution called for the City Manager to develop a plan to bring together multiple stakeholders including the Land of Legends Raceway, the County Fair Committee, the Town of Canandaigua, and Canandaigua City residents to study the Raceway’s noise impact on City neighborhoods. At Thursday’s meeting, Councilmember Steve Uebbing (At-Large) asked Council to reconsider Resolution 2021-008. Council unanimously approved Uebbing’s motion for reconsideration. Uebbing informed the Council that some of the stakeholders had indicated that they had no interest in participating in the study. Consequently, Uebbing moved to table the Resolution. Councilmember James Terwilliger countered that the Resolution should be rescinded because needed stakeholders were not willing to participate in the study. Uebbing agreed to change his motion and moved to rescind the Resolution. Council unanimously voted to rescind Resolution 2021-008. By rescinding the Resolution Council effectively canceled the City’s plans to study noise coming from the Land of Legends Raceway.

Councilmember Renee Sutton (At-Large) presented Resolution 2021-009. The resolution called on the City to use New York State Source Water Protection Grant funds to assist the Town of Canandaigua to purchase 485 feet of shoreline and a portion of the upland area associated with property located at 3950 County Road 16. The City is involved in the project because the property is located roughly a half-mile from a City of Canandaigua water intake pipe that serves over 30,000 residents. The City would contribute $350,000 towards the total purchase price. The City would temporarily hold title to the land to satisfy the terms of the Source Water Protection Grant. The Town intended to maintain the shoreline in a natural state and limit access for various recreational activities such as fishing and kayaking. Council unanimously approved the resolution.

Councilmember Karen White (Ward 3) brought Resolution 2020-010 to Council. The Resolution proposed accepting four utility easements, two access and utility easements, one parking easement, and one Right of Way easement at the Cottages at Canandaigua. The Resolution was brought because the project developer has recently completed part of Phase II of the project. Council unanimously approved the Resolution without discussion or debate.

Council also considered Resolution 2021-011 presented by Councilmember Nick Cutri (Ward 1). The Resolution was a procedural item to accept the application for a 30-acre Planned Unit Development in the Northeast quadrant of the City. The project is being developed by Chrisanntha, Inc. Sutton expressed concern that the developer wanted to forgo paying the $1,000 per lot recreation fee by donating a park to the City. While Sutton strongly supported the project, she did not believe that it would be beneficial to waive the recreation fee in exchange for a park the City did not need or want. Sutton’s opinion on the fee for park swap was echoed by almost the entire Council. After staff clarified that approval of Resolution 2021-011 would only accept the application and begin the review process without committing the City to the developer’s park proposal, Council unanimously approved the Resolution.

Council also considered Resolution 2021-012 requesting a budget amendment to allow the City to purchase a small used bucket truck. The bucket truck would be used to perform maintenance projects that cannot be safely performed with the City’s existing bucket truck. The truck would be paid for with funds saved from other Department of Public Works capital equipment purchases and a transfer of up to $15,000 from the Capital Reserve. Council unanimously approved the requested budget amendment.

Council’s final action of the night was the consideration of Resolution 2021-013. The Resolution called for the City to hire Bench Strength Partners, Inc. (BSP) as a consultant to assist with renegotiating a lease on a cell tower owned by the City. The City’s goal in hiring a consultant was to maximize the cell tower lease’s potential revenue. BSP would be paid from the lease proceeds based on the revenue the lease generated. Council unanimously approved the Resolution.

Council is next scheduled to meet Thursday, March 4, 2021.