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Camillus Ski Hill is a local favorite for free skiing, tubing during winter

There’s a local spot where residents can ski and tube without paying any money. It’s the Camillus Ski Hill and is a local favorite.

“Here we offer a nice tubing area where we can go. It’s controlled, it’s safe. And we give a lift up to the top of the hill, so you don’t have to walk to the top of the hill,” said Andy Arbital, President of the Camillus Ski Association to WSYR-TV. “It’s kind of unique and as I said, it’s local. That’s the key. It’s local and it’s very inexpensive.”

It operates like a non-profit, and those who run it say it comes down to giving back to the community.

“We’re just giving back to the community at not much cost to them and offering them some opportunities for our youth and adults,” Arbital added. “We have adults, we have kids on the tubing hill. We have everybody on the skiing hill. It’s just a nice place to go during the winter.”

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