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Geneva schools starts work on new strategic plan

The Geneva City School District is beginning work on a new strategic plan.

The district’s Strategic Plan Steering Committee met recently to launch the planning phase, which is expected to be complete this summer.

“A good strategic plan can serve as a North Star to an organization,” said Geneva City School District Superintendent Patricia Garcia. “The fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic makes having that guide even more important. When you add to that the fact that our nation is also currently confronting issues of racial equity and economic downturn, that North Star becomes essential.”

Creating a strategic plan was one of the goals set by the Geneva City School District Board of Education when Garcia was hired in July 2021.

“I am excited to be working with passionate leaders in our schools and community to create a strategic plan for our district,” said board vice president Stephanie Annear. “Amidst a pandemic and serious state reductions to education spending, we must be especially thoughtful about our resources and teaching remote, hybrid, and in-person students effectively. We need a clear road map of what we want to achieve.”

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

“This plan must capture the hearts and minds of our community,” said Garcia. “The strategic plan will help us lift the vision of the school district and keep up with the pace of change in our society. With that in mind, we’ve invited staff, parents, community members and educational partners to join us on our Steering Committee. Additionally, we’ll be inviting more voices, including students, to join us in the planning and advisory phases this spring.”

“I am honored by the Geneva City School District’s invitation to join its strategic planning committee,” said Finger Lakes Community College President Robert K. Nye, a member of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. “In today’s challenging times, strategic planning is more important than ever. The process builds consensus around shared goals and the best way to use our resources to make a difference for our students.”

“I am excited to be a part of the GCSD Strategic Planning Team,” said Sidney Moore, a Geneva City School district parent member of the Steering Committee. “I feel that a well-developed strategic plan is critical to the success of the school district. If developed and implemented successfully, the plan would engage our students, parents, educators, and community in cultivating a district that creates positive learning experiences and outcomes for all students. I certainly anticipate that this work will create a solid framework (goals, objectives, results) for communicating our district’s vision or success path to all key stakeholders.”

Members of the Steering Committee include:

  • Dr. Patricia Garcia, superintendent
  • Tricia Budgar, director of athletics
  • Greg Baker, high school principal
  • Christine Taylor, North Street School assistant principal
  • Heather Swanson, public relations officer
  • Adrianne Miller, executive assistant
  • Stephanie Annear, parent and Board of Education member
  • Chris Lavin, executive director, Boys and Girls Club
  • Silmarie Ortiz, teacher
  • Sidney Moore, parent
  • Lucile Mallard, president, NAACP
  • Tracy Marchionda, assistant superintendent of Teaching, Learning & Accountability
  • Steve Kruger, assistant superintendent of Administrative Services
  • Dr. Robert Nye, president, Finger Lakes Community College
  • Lou Guard, vice president and general counsel, Hobart and William Smith
  • Tricia Maneri, teacher
  • George Enzina, teacher
  • Barbara Weinberg, board chair, Success for Geneva’s Children
  • Katie Flowers, Center for Community Engagement, HWS
  • Charles King, parent
  • Antonio Gomez, parent

Additional members will be added when the district enters the planning phase this spring. The district is partnering with Education Elements to create the Strategic Plan.