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Cuomo: Regions are getting COVID vaccine into arms, but more doses needed

On Sunday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave an update on the state’s vaccination effort.

The total week 6 federal allocation of vaccine delivery to providers will be complete today. Delivery of the week 7 allocation from the federal government does not begin until the middle of this week. As of 11am today, New York’s health care distribution sites have received 1,304,050 first doses and administered 88 percent or 1,144,070 first dose vaccinations.

“As our week six allocation finishes arriving to providers today, New York has already administered 88 percent of its first doses, demonstrating once again that the problem we face is lack of supply from the federal government,” Governor Cuomo said. “We have the operational capacity to do over 100,000 doses a day — we just need the dosages. In the meantime, the state will continue working around the clock to get shots into arms quickly, and providers must continue administering to their assigned priority populations in order to ensure equity of distribution during this time of limited supply.”

New York’s vast distribution network and large population of eligible individuals far exceed the vaccine supply coming from the federal government. While the federal government has increased eligibility for the vaccine to include 7 million New Yorkers, the federal supply of vaccines has actually decreased. Due to limited supply, New Yorkers are encouraged to remain patient and are advised not to show up at vaccination sites without an appointment.

Vaccination program numbers are for doses distributed and delivered to New York for the state’s vaccination program, and do not include those reserved for the federal government’s Long Term Care Facility program.

In the Finger Lakes 95% of doses received had been administered. In Central New York 98% had been administered. The Southern Tier had 90% administered.

Click here to see how vaccine rollout is happening via the state’s dashboard.

Cuomo also provided an update on the state’s fight against COVID-19.

“I have high hopes for New York as we enter this new year with a new administration, but New Yorkers have to do their part,” Governor Cuomo said. “The COVID war still needs to be fought, and while many feel COVID fatigue, that is a luxury we cannot afford. If we tire before the enemy, the enemy wins – it’s that simple. I am confident that we can defeat this and rebuild stronger than ever before. Until that day comes, I encourage all New Yorkers to keep fighting the good fight together – wear a mask, social distance and avoid gatherings.”