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Victor Child Care owner: “We are shocked and blessed” after Barstool Fund announcement

Less than 24 hours after learning that her business would benefit from the Barstool Fund, Laurie Lavery told that she was still stunned to have received the call.

That came late-Thursday as Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy called Laurie to tell her that her business, the Victor Child Care Center, would receive help throughout the pandemic.

The Barstool Fund has been raising money and helping small businesses across the U.S., and last month helped a family restaurant in the Rochester-area.

“I am not sure when the application was submitted because my sons did it on my behalf,” Laurie said after. She has a sneaking suspicion that the video, which was published to the Barstool Fund’s Twitter account – was sent out around Monday or Tuesday.

“We are shocked and blessed to be a recipient of the fund,” Laurie continued. “This year has been very stressful both emotionally and financially. Our families have been so supportive from the very beginning and have adjusted to the many changes we have had to make including rate increases.”

But that doesn’t mean rate increases covered the total costs, which kept rising. In order to keep workers and children safe, more staff had to be brought on. This was a point of emphasis for Portnoy, who said that it struck him that the Child Care Center had to keep bringing on more staff to compensate.

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“Our staff members have been working overtime almost daily while trying to teach the children and keep them happy, safe and socially distanced,” Laurie continued. “It has been a financial burden to keep us up and running but I could not give up on my staff nor the families we provide care for. This funding will certainly help us get our bills paid.”

She said the outpouring of support has been an emotional, overwhelmingly positive experience. “We can not be more appreciative to everyone who contributes and supports us and The Barstool Fund. Dave Portnoy has been such an incredible help to so many of us small business owners,” she said. “I am sure he has saved many from closing.”

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