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Sheriff: Sharing time saving information with first responders can help in critical situations

Sheriff Brian Schenck says that homeowners and residents in Cayuga County who want to share information with the sheriff’s office that can help them in the event of an emergency can now do so.

He says providing time-saving information can be a major difference-maker.

Below is the Sheriff’s full-statement:

“Those that we serve in Cayuga County have the ability to provide the Cayuga County 911 Center with advanced information that could be helpful in an emergency. Specific information related to a health condition, living arrangements, lockbox information, emergency contacts, or any other specific details that might assist first responders during an incident can be recorded. The information is directly associated with specific addresses. This information is saved for future reference and only used during an emergency.

By providing this information in advance, critical time in an emergency can be saved. For example, knowing that a resident is bedridden in a specific room can help save emergency medical providers precious time in locating the individual. Knowing that an autistic child or an adult with dementia resides at a particular location and will wander from the home can speed up a response during an emergency incident. Photos and descriptions of these family members, provided to the 911 Center in advance, can allow law enforcement and first responders to have this critical information immediately while responding to the scene. Locations of keys or lock box locations or codes, can ensure immediate access to a home or building when needed.

Any information provided to the Cayuga County 911 Center can be saved and attached to a specific address. Should an incident occur at that location, an alert will automatically be displayed for the dispatcher and communicated to responders. Anything sensitive in nature can be relayed to providers via telephone for confidentiality purposes.”

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