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‘Anti-Racist Resolutions’ event coming virtually to Geneva this weekend

The People’s Peaceful Protest (PPP), Community Education for Transformation (CET), and the HWS Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are joining together to host a virtual event called “Anti-Racist Resolutions: Sharing Accountability” this Saturday, January 9th, at 1 p.m. via Zoom.

This is the first in a series of events inspired by a Geneva City Council meeting where councilors expressed confusion about the meaning and necessity of anti-racism. The “Anti-Racist Resolutions” series seeks to clarify this confusion by defining anti-racism and demonstrating the urgency of taking anti-racist actions. This first event, “Anti-Racist Resolutions: Sharing Accountability,” will further show how pursuing police accountability is a vital anti-racist action. In particular, the PPP will explain how anti-racist principles inform their work and the importance of establishing the Police
Review Board, which in itself is an anti-racist tactic.

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The ongoing “Anti-Racist Resolutions” series uses the new year as a time to develop individual and community resolutions to be actively anti-racist in 2021. For each event, CET will pair with a different community group to discuss an aspect of anti-racism as it relates to the community group’s work.

CET is an independent, nonpartisan collaboration of educators, broadly defined, committed to innovative and inclusive ways of learning, listening, and teaching within and across Geneva’s communities. The group strives to develop programming and initiatives in accordance with the needs of the community. CET utilizes collaborative methodologies which center community voices in order to share lived and learned knowledge in the ongoing pursuit of a more just, equitable, and inclusive community dedicated to lifelong learning.

The PPP fights for accountability in the formation and administration of public and business policy, agitates for awareness of injustices, and advocates for the disempowered and dispossessed through peaceful demonstration, educational programming, artistic expression, and policy advancement.

On the recommendation of the community, they have been advocating for the establishment of the Police Review Board. They are currently helping community members prepare for the public hearing regarding Local Law 1-2020: Amending the City Charter to Establish a Police Review Board on January 13, which is an opportunity for people to provide input on the current version of this proposed law.

Participation in “Anti-Racist Resolutions: Sharing Accountability” is open to all members of the public and can be accessed by clicking here.