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Best Kratom for Euphoria: Strains, dosage & effects

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Are you looking out for a way to elevate your mood without using anything harmful? If so, Kratom might be a great answer for you! Still, finding the best Kratom strains for euphoria according to your requirements might be challenging.

Fortunately, in this article, we have discussed which Kratom strains are the option best for the euphoria to get the best of it.


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How Did We Decide the Top Kratom Strains?

The kratom plant, also named mitragyna speciosa(scientific term), has deep roots in the history of the world. Originally grown in Southeast Asia, it’s used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. One of the finest things about the herb Kratom is its versatility.  Although the kratom’s aroma is expressed as being reclined and soothing, the plant also holds prominent mood-lifting properties.

The most visible effects of Kratom are euphoria. It can be explained as a general feeling of pleasure, overall happiness, or joy seeping naturally in the mind and body. Further, is usually used when individuals want to unwind and have a good time. Therefore, this is one of the many reasons many people love Kratom.

Due to the differences in body structure, one needs to keep in mind some considerations while choosing the right Kratom one need. Here’s what we’ve used as a list of factors: –

  • Body composition in terms of weight, size, and height,
  • Emotional strength,
  • How is one’s physical health (optimal health and functioning),
  • Speed of metabolism –slow or fast, your lifestyle,
  • Are you an alcoholic or sedentary person?
  • What are your eating habits?
  • Most importantly, what is the Kratom quality?

These are essential questions for Kratom users, especially for first-timers.

According to our experts, Red Kratom is great for beginners who want to experience euphoria because it produces pleasant and calming effects. It gives you peace of mind, a feeling of well-being, and optimism. Further, the Red Kratom is also a perfect strain for frequent consumers. It’s ideal for mood enhancement, anxiety relief, depression, and stress reduction.

As it has a high concentration of alkaloids, it elicits a pleasant euphoric feeling. The alkaloids release dopamine (or the hormone responsible for euphoria). These natural products are obtained from red Kratom which is very effective in inducing euphoria in the body.

For many individuals, red Kratom powder can be the secret weapon for boosting low self-esteem, instilling a proactive attitude, and accelerating one’s ambitions. One can expect a healthy dose of pain relief to come along with the euphoria associated with Red Kratom. Additionally, the red kratom is known to relax the body and relieve pain. It relaxes the muscles and is used as a supplement to pharmaceutical painkillers.

Red kratom produces an elated mood. As with the other types of kratoms, the effects depend on the number of doses. When consumed in small doses, the red kratoms induces a stimulating effect for better results. It promotes peace and tranquillity.

Fortunately, our experts have gathered some of the most mood-elevating kratom strains to help you narrow down your search!

Top Kratom Strains for Euphoria

#1 Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is the Thai word for “pimp grade.” This is the premium Kratom strain which traces its origins from Thailand to years of grafting – a technique where tissues of different plants are combined to breed distinct qualities of the plant into a new Kratom strain.

Maeng Da Kratom is considered to be the most powerful Kratom strain to offer total euphoria and some other effects. Most users say it has a rapid onset with great intensity of euphoria. Apart from being euphoric, it is also beneficial for dealing with mood disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Because of these three components, Mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, it has a higher amount of active alkaloids than the other strains. That is why it is the most stimulating.

Due to the high alkaloid content, this herbal compound has a bright green hue and a pleasant odor that pleases the users. It is available in both extract as powder and capsule form.

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most powerful Kratom strains. It has multiple benefits such as it relieves pain, enhances the mood, and works as a stimulant. To add to that list, it also relaxes the body, produces a soothing effect, and reduces anxiety and depression provided it is taken in the recommended dose.

Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

Red Maeng Da has high alkaloids content that help relieve pain whether at an extreme level or chronic like muscle pain and tiredness. Its alkaloid content is similar to morphine without damaging effects, which helps control different types of pain.

However, it does not have the same adverse effects as morphine and doesn’t cause dizziness and unconsciousness. Users must understand that developing a dependency on the Red Maeng Da strain when taken at low dosages is unlikely than morphine.

Enhances Energy

A peculiar benefit of this kratom is its energy-boosting features. Without any withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues Red Maeng Da increases users’ energy level, as it contains alkaloids.

It is vital for reducing the fatigue and tiredness in muscles naturally, unlike caffeine in which users experience side effects. One can expect to have increased energy levels and improved focus with this herbal supplement alternative.

Provides a Sense of Wellbeing

Red Maeng Da works on elevating and lifting your mood naturally, and it helps in relieving the emotional type of pain. It is also beneficial in reducing depression and anxiety and directly increases productivity.

It is recommended to use Red Maeng Da during the daytime to soothe and calm your nerves, relax your mind, and improve your productivity. This herbal and natural supplement also helps you in pushing yourself forward.

Restful Sleep

Although it is not recommended for beginners to consume higher doses, it can act as a sedative for a lot of people. It helps people who have trouble sleeping or insomnia because the calming effects of Red Maeng Da help in reducing the stress and improve sleep better.

Red Maeng Da is an excellent strain that helps in relieving pain. Users need to understand the right amount of doses of any Kratom strain to prevent side effects on cognitive abilities and get the benefits without being an addict. By having an idea of the right dose, users can get the desired results without having side effects.

Helps to Reduce Anxiety and Depression

When the user consumes strains of kratom like Red Maeng Da, one will be in a state of euphoria. This state helps to deal with ill feelings, and you’ll no longer feel disappointed which gives you a chance of improving and finding happiness within you.

Though it is not a very fast way of treating yourself but combined with other therapies for treating depression, this natural herb can surely help in speeding up the process of healing yourself. Red Maeng Da is a great source for soothing and relaxing the nerves because of the presence of active alkaloids and opioid-like qualities without any side effects.

Red Maeng Da helps relieve those feelings of nervousness and keep users calm and focused throughout the day.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Controls Diarrhoea

One of the most common side effects of drinking caffeine on daily basis is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This effect may apply to users who drink coffee, have anxiety, or naturally have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

But unlike coffee, the great benefit of Red Maeng Da is that it naturally boosts the energy levels without any acidic effects of caffeine in the intestine. According to an expert study, using Kratom can help in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and diarrhea.

Helps in Pain Management

A potent red Maeng Da Kratom is currently an excellent remedy for pain, especially Joint Inflammation like arthritis or lower back pain. Research shows that the alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, the natural ingredients in Kratom, act on the brain’s opioid receptors to reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain and worked swiftly. Furthermore, red Maeng Da has natural anti-inflammatory properties and several other benefits that either help alleviate pain or cope with it within a minute.

Best for Beginners

According to our expert, Red Maeng Da is a recommended strain for those who are just starting with Kratom treatment for the first time. The Red Maeng Da is available in the extract of capsules and powder form that makes it suitable for beginners.

Although, in all fairness, the organic and natural substance is a refreshing supplement that can help users feel more energetic, calm, and happy. There is no fixed time for consuming Maeng Da but taking one dosage in the morning can help you to get the desired results.

DISCLAIMER: As with all Kratom strains, our experts do not recommend taking high doses of Kratom for long periods as Intaking high dosages can cloud your physical ability to function and put the user in a sedative mode. If you have existing medical conditions, consult your physician before taking Kratom to ensure that the supplement doesn’t interfere with your medications or cause any major side effects.

#2 Red Vein Bali Kratom

Red Vein Bali Kratom, originated from the Bali Islands in Indonesia, is rich in alkaloid kratom, including 7-hydroxy mitragynine, Mitragynine, mitraphylline, speciogynine, and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine. These ingredients are majorly responsible for giving a high euphoric effect to the user.

While Bali Kratom has green, white, and red kratom available, most kratom enthusiasts love to go for red Bali kratom for its calming and relaxing properties. Its wide popularity is mainly because of its beneficial effects that are likely for mood-enhancing purposes, relaxation, pain relief, or the treatment of opiates withdrawal symptoms, and many more.

The reason behind Red Bali as one of the strong strains is that it contains 25 distinct alkaloids in significant amounts, which invigorate the senses. It is also more appealing to consumers Red Bali kratom is one of the most powerful strains amongst the red kratom as it is comparatively less expensive than compared to other strains. It’s the ideal product for mood enhancement, anxiety relief, and stress reduction. One can expect a healthy dose of pain relief to come along with the euphoria associated with Red Bali.

Boosts Mood

Red Bali can boost one’s mood since it instils feelings of euphoria and gratification. It is also beneficial in cutting down regular fatigue that’s better than coffee. This strain can be a great “pick-me-up” if one’s feeling lethargic or sluggish, every day.

According to research, it is claimed that red vein Bali kratom is more relaxation-based compared to white veins. The content of sedative alkaloids is much higher than that of simulative alkaloids. So, if you’re looking for more of an energy boost and euphoria rather than pain relief, it’s a great choice.

Eases Relaxation

Red Bali kratom is one of the most powerful strains amongst the red kratom. If the user consumes it at higher doses, it is renowned for its ability to help users relax and help insomniacs get quality sleep without any side effects.

Relieves Pain

Red vein Bali kratom is incredibly potent in the department of pain management, more so than any other strain as well as effectively. If anyone suffers from chronic pain, the user will find that a specific variety of strain provides much stronger effects.

If consumed in the right dosage, user can use the red Bali over long periods to get the maximum benefits. The red vein Bali kratom has over more than 40 different alkaloids in its composition. Almost every different alkaloid is responsible for a particular effect.

Enhances Sleep

The red vein Bali can be especially beneficial if the user is looking to improve the quality of sleep. Due to stress and overthinking, sleep can get disturbed and this kratom can help you overcome that state of restlessness. It has the sedative property that will substantially reduce the mental pressure one usually experiences.

Indirectly, it can also help treat insomnia so users will be able to get better and more consistent sleep.

Increases Focus and Concentration

Mitragynine is an alkaloid that is blended in up the composition of the red vein Bali kratom. However, this alkaloid is combined along with boosting energy, increasing focus, and stimulating the brain. Though the mitragynine content in red Bali is quite high compared to other alkaloids, it’s still less concentrated than another kratom.

Nevertheless, taking balanced doses of red Bali can boost users’ energy levels and stimulate mental activity. In addition to that, it can also improve the ability to focus.

Promotes Tranquillity

Red Bali Kratom can promote a sense of tranquillity and wellness in the body. It’s a great way to boost the sense of well-being, ease, unwind and release some of the worries and stress of everyday life. So, directly, it helps promote a sense of balance, harmony, and wellness that contributes to the overall quality of life.


The Red Bali Kratom is easily available as compared to other strains. So, the price of Red Vein Bali is considerably lower than other strains. It is also available in the form of a capsule or powder.

First-time users of Red Bali Kratom should start with a small dosage to see how their body reacts to this unique strain.  It is a potent strain. However, we don’t recommend users to increase the dosages of Kratom and advise them to stick to the recommended dose per strain to get the maximum results.

With that said, there are still some general guidelines to follow when trying to find the right dose.

#3 Red Borneo Kratom

Just like other strains, Red Borneo is extracted from a plant called kratom. This tree is included in the coffee family which explains the uplifting effect of Red Vein Borneo Kratom.

Over half of Red Borneo users love this strain due to its relaxing properties and mild sedative impact.

In general, this strain is praised for inducing a state of calmness in both the mind and the body of the user. Additional immediate effects include alleviating discomfort, aiding relaxation, combating insomnia, and uplifting mood and energy levels slightly.

Red Borneo Kratom provides the following benefits:

Alcohol Withdrawal

Red Borneo is the ideal strain for this difficult process due to its sedative yet uplifting progressive effects. It helps alleviate blood pressure and gives sedative effects without causing a dependency on the strain.

Chronic Pain

Red Borneo offers pain relief without the unbearable side-effects of conventional medicine.


Red Vein Borneo Kratom is deeply relaxing and soothing, which can help users overcome anxiety caused by previous traumas and incidents.


One of the most vital and praised Red Borneo Kratom effects is its ability to boost energy levels and lift one’s mood. Anyone who is suffering from depression finds that this can help them cope with difficult episodes and reduce their occurrence.

People who combat depression tend to have reduced energy levels that makes it difficult to go through their essential daily routine work. This natural supplement helps in increasing energy levels, uplifting the mood, and is a great help to people dealing with depression.

Although most users choose Red Borneo to deal with chronic issues, this strain can also produce an opiate-like state of euphoria in certain doses. The feeling, however, is not as explosive as with White veins and tends to be accompanied by a deep state of relaxation.

If anyone has any type of medical issue, consult your physician before participating in Kratom treatment.

How Does Kratom Work for Euphoria?

Although Kratom is frequently known for its mood relaxing and soothing properties, this plant also possesses certain mood-elevating properties(euphoric.) By taking kratom in a controlled and balanced low dose, certain benefits can be acquired. Kratom was used by people to restore their lost energy. Further, kratom can restore energy and make them feel active, stronger, and energetic throughout the day.

The naturally occurring alkaloids present in Kratom leaves and stems helps to achieve this euphoric effect. All Kratom strains are known to contain well over 20 alkaloids which show effects when users ingest Kratom.

After ingestion, the alkaloids are absorbed and get into the bloodstream. Then, they are transported to the brain, where they bind onto the opioid receptors. After that, the alkaloids will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, and send the signal for the release of neurotransmitters known as endorphins that provide euphoric sensation and effect.

Kratom is beneficial because it:

  • Aids in relaxation,
  • Contains antioxidant properties,
  • Controls diarrhoea,
  • Elevates energy,
  • Helps in pain management,
  • Aids to a restful sleep,
  • Improves focus and concentration,
  • Induces prolonged sex,
  • May help in losing weight,
  • Provides a calm effect,
  • Provides a sense of wellbeing,
  • And is an herbal alternative to prescriptions and medicines.

It has also been proven that kratom is a good stimulant.  According to research, future efforts are being made to produce strong and effective kratom-based antidepressants.

Where to Buy the Best Kratom Strains?

Although there are many kratom retailers present in the market, only a handful of those sells pure kratom. The fastest and easiest way to get high-quality Kratom is by purchasing it online or from the official website.

Kratom products are usually available either as a powder or as capsules.  But, both products have identical effects since they’re originally made from the same crushed leaves and stems.

One of the best and most renowned brands on the online platform out there is Kats Botanicals. They only sell fresh superiority quality kratom harvested from ripe trees only. The quality of their products is unparalleled, the prices are not extravagant, and guaranteed users’ money’s value. They go the extra mile of providing proof of lab-test results by experts. They involve third-party laboratories to conduct the tests. While some online vendors offer free shipping services.

In Conclusion: Does Kratom Work for Euphoria?

If you are low on energy and don’t feel right or want to escape from the hectic and stressful daily routine, kratom can give you the right high that has no side effects, is all-natural and doesn’t allow any worries to creep in!

These strains induce serotonin release (or a known feel-good hormone that leaves you feeling happy, calm, and uplifted), and can activate the body’s energy system. It is a natural herb that helps you reconnect with your inner happiness and peace.

It is an excellent alternative to experience happiness without the worry of unwanted effects. If you are looking for a refreshing experience, or a peaceful state of mind to enjoy some de-stressing, kratom is made for you!

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