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Mennonite farmer pleads guilty to killing neighbor’s dog in Yates County

A Mennonite farmer in Yates County has pleaded guilty to shooting his neighbor’s dog.

Wayne Hoover, 35, pleaded guilt to aggravated cruelty to animals, which is a Class E felony in exchange for a sentence cap of six months in jail and five years probation, according to local reports.

Hoover will also not be allowed to own firearms, cats, or dogs over his five year probation period.

Hoover had been arraigned in March on a felony charge of aggravated cruelty to animals, as well as a misdemeanor charge after illegally shooting across a highway near Branchport.

The original plea deal was denied because Hoover and his public defender claimed that the dog was aggressive toward children and animals. He also claimed the dog came onto his property.

Sentencing is scheduled for January 19th. Hoover remains free on his own recognizance.