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DAILY DEBRIEF: Cayuga Community College’s Steve Keeler talks future of media (podcast)

This week we’re catching up with Steve Keeler, Division Chair of the School of Media & Arts at Cayuga Community College about the state- and future of journalism. There were a number of topics we wanted to explore with him. So rather than impose a 40-minute episode on anyone — we opted to break it up.

This three-part episode explores the changing landscape of journalism — including a new platform that allows independent journalists to develop an audience and incorporates important monetization pieces. It’s called Patch Labs and has been a growing part of the dialogue around local news. After we dive into the world of paywalls, and some of the work being done to fix the business side of news. Do smart paywalls work? Or is it time for publishers of all shapes and sizes to begin looking at ways to monetize outside of traditional advertising? Then, we tackle trust, or the lack of it in local news. We talk about a couple specific pieces — including this one about the death of local news, and it’s role in making political divisions worse. We also talk about the role of platforms like Facebook and the damage they do to local news, as states and the FTC join forces to take on the social media giant.

Part I: Patch Labs Gives Platform To Independent Journalists

Part II: Newsrooms Diversify To Pay The Bills

Part III: Regaining Trust In Local News

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