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“It’s a Wonderful Life” LEGO prototype could be built if it gets enough votes

The timeless Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the movie, could be immortalized in a different way if one local family has their way.

Jason and Tina Middaugh, along with their daughter Jane, have been working tirelessly promoting the LEGO prototype, which is on display at the It’s a Wonderful Life Museum in Seneca Falls.

It’s all in part to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the movie.

To have a chance at being launched as a product line, though, it would need at least 10,000 votes on the official LEGO Ideas website. At this point it has a little under 1,000 (vote here!).

The proposed “It’s A Wonderful LEGO Life” set comes with a fully detailed, modular reproduction of the old Granville house where each floor can be removed to relive the magic of the most touching scenes in the film. The famous truss bridge, George’s 1919 car, and the “You Are Now In Bedford Falls” sign round out the fun in this fully playable package that would also make for the perfect holiday display.

The first floor of the home comes complete with Christmas tree (and bell), piano, phone, and fireplace in the living room, along with the kitchen, removable newel post cap on the stairs, and George’s model bridge. Zuzu’s room with flower, the remaining bedrooms, and the “George Lassos The Moon” drawing can all be found on the second floor. There is even a little surprise attic storage area.

Mini-figures would include the entire Bailey family (George, Mary, Pete, Tommy, Janie, and Zuzu) as well as Clarence (with his “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” book) and Mr. Potter in his wheelchair.

“LEGO has many sets with skylines of larger cities and famous buildings and landmarks, but Upstate New York is probably unlikely to be represented in LEGO form,” Jason said, speaking to the prospects of LEGO going out and building this kind of set on their own. “However, with the inclusion of the bridge in this proposal, we may yet have a chance.”

The Middaugh’s are from Marcellus, near the city of Syracuse in Central New York. They have been drawn to the community and found it supportive of their idea.

“This is very exciting. To think that we could not only make this happen for local pride, but to be able bring it to the millions of fans of the movie, is a bit surreal,” Jason told late-Tuesday. “There is still a very long way to go to collect all of the votes, so I really hope that we can all come together and rally in time for the 75th anniversary.”

The project has started to gain some national buzz with Christmas just around the corner.

“It’s been a lesson to try and prove to our 12-year-old daughter that with a little creativity, hard work, and persistence anything is possible,” Jason added.

Click here to vote on the official LEGO website