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SITUATIONAL UPDATES: Here’s what local health departments said Friday, December 11th

Editor’s Note: Each day health departments around the region are publishing updates to their websites, social media platforms, and sharing ‘situational’ data with local media. In an effort to bring all of that information together under one roof – we’ll be publishing daily ‘situational updates’. They will appear near the top of our homepage, and will be indexed at our own COVID-19 dashboard, which can be found by visiting Note that for counties that do not publish written updates – we will summarize the visual reports they share on those platforms or with local media.

As of Friday, December 11th the region remains at a critical tipping point. Active caseloads remain high, and Governor Andrew Cuomo said the Finger Lakes had the highest number of people hospitalized out of all regions in New York State.

Here’s what local health officials were saying today.

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Cayuga County Health Department:

No written update was provided, but officials did release new numbers, which are reflected in the table above. There were 60 new cases as of 3:15 p.m.

Ontario County Health Department:

There were 76 new cases reported on Friday. There are now 550 individuals in isolation (tested positive) and 657 in quarantine for having contact with positive tests. There were no new deaths reported and 20 residents actively hospitalized. 

Schuyler County Health Department: 

“There are 2 new cases to report since our update yesterday. One of the individuals had known contact with someone who tested positive. Additionally, there were 6 recoveries since our last update. Visit our dashboard at”

Seneca County Health Department: 

“Regrettably, we have 2 more COVID-19 deaths to report that are connected to the current nursing home outbreak. Please keep those affected in your thoughts at this extremely difficult time. Today we also report 11 new positive cases as well, 3 of those being connected to the nursing home. The remaining 8 cases are tied to community spread. Notifications, isolations, quarantines, and contact tracing are underway for all 11 new cases. The most recent data coming from the state is that 74.84% of new COVID cases in NYS are tied to household/social gathering spread. It is important we work together to protect ourselves as well as those around us all that cannot protect themselves. Please wear your mask and practice good hand hygiene. PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK and STOP SOCIAL GATHERINGS.”

Wayne County Health Department:

“We have 45 new cases, but 2 cases from yesterday have been transferred out. These past few updates this week are a reflection of the Thanksgiving holiday. With the exception of yesterday, we have seen 189 new cases between Monday and Today’s report alone. We only had less than 400 cases from all of March through September 30th. Please keep in mind that gathering indoors frequently and for non-essential reasons is the biggest risk factor for transmission right now, and the largest reason for our drastic increase in caseload. Thank you to those who have been mindful of our protective measures, which are meant to significantly reduce the number of chances for spreading this virus.”

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