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Ways to keep classic car costs in check

The word hobby can be misleading because it assumes that it will impact your time, such is the point, but hobbies also impact your wallet, and classic cars are no exception. If you are lucky enough to own one or more, then you understand that the costs associated with preserving and maintaining them could balloon out, especially if you bought a fixer upper. Take advantage of all the car buying resources available to you and do not let your heart rule your head. Although a hobby is a passion, you run the risk of over and unnecessary spending if you do not educate yourself on the market first. The costs associated with your hobby do not have to bust your budget though, you can cut costs down without forsaking the integrity of your vehicle if you are willing to study up prior to purchase and take on some of the projects yourself afterwards.

Initial Purchasing

When you are researching classic cars with the intent to purchase it is important to keep more than just the sticker price in mind. Depending on the car you choose you might have to make some initial investments beyond the purchase price. Being aware of this up front will help you to not go over your spending limit. Once you have decided on the make and model that best suits you, compare the specifics and shop around between vendors. Auctions will put you on more of a timeline than dealerships will so be mindful of that and understand that live auctions can also drive the price up and leave little to no room for negotiation. There is also not an option for test driving when purchasing at auction, so when researching classic cars ahead of time you will have to remember that you are essentially buying sight unseen in an auction setting.


Once your dream car is yours and officially parked in your garage, now it’s up to you to either restore it to its original glory, or preserve the work that has already been done to it to keep it in fighting form. Regardless, both can be a drain on your finances. By going to the Tire Kickers site, they offer how-to guides for every range and stage of gear head. You can learn how to DIY a variety of tasks both interior and exterior, and gaining these skills can shave hundreds of dollars off your car care costs if you do not have to constantly outsource them.

These articles will also show you how to learn about your car and check vitals to potentially avoid issues that could crush your wallet and put your car out of commission and in the shop. Gas mileage is a category that seems self-explanatory but classic cars are built uniquely and what you are used to from your modern car might not translate. If you plan to take your hobby out on the road often, you are going to want to maximize each tank of gas since refills can add up quick!

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