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Schools won’t always have to test 20% if counties move into Yellow Zone: Here’s what they will need to do

New York State has changed the requirements for schools inside Yellow Zones.

The move was announced on Sunday, which would make it easier for schools to operate. Several upstate districts voiced concerns over the challenge of testing if students or families opt-out.

Now, districts in yellow zones will have to test at least 20% of its population once a week. However, that will only last for two weeks. Then, if the positive rate is lower than the zone’s 7-day rolling average – it can stop testing.

On Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo echoed that sentiment, noting that if the district had a rate of positivity lower than the area being designated yellow that officials had demonstrated that it was not the reason for significant spread.

This comes as local health officials continue to rail against small gatherings at private residences as a major driver of increased transmission of the coronavirus.