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Is Ontario County headed toward ‘yellow zone’ distinction by NYS?

Ontario County is creeping toward ‘yellow zone’ designation, as cases continue to rise amid what appears to be a second wave of COVID-19.

Public health officials reported 36 new cases over just two days, noting that the positive rate for Saturday was 5.7%.

It’s prompted schools to prepare for ‘yellow zone’ restrictions, which includes COVID testing for 20% of staff and students.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Last week Monroe and Onondaga counties moved into yellow zone restriction. Governor Andrew Cuomo also issued a rash of new limitations on restaurants, bars, and gyms.

In order for counties in the Finger Lakes to move into yellow or orange territory – the rolling average for positive rate over a 10-day period must exceed 3.5%. If it exceeds 4.5% it could be moved into orange territory.

However, Monroe County met that requirement and was not moved into orange designation as of the weekend. That distinction would require that all schools go remote until the rate dips below that level.