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Earl Martin seeks new PILOT to expand Deer Haven Park, but no jobs would be added

Earl Martin, the Seneca County resident who owns Deer Haven Park, has applied for financial assistance through the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency.

A meeting is scheduled for Thursday (today) at noon, in a virtual setting, to consider the request, according to the Finger Lakes Times.

Martin recently purchased 172-acres of the former Hillside Children’s Center in Varick. He plans to expand Deer Haven Park in Romulus to be part of that property.

A campground may also be built on the site. However, exact details of that haven’t been released to date.

Martin is seeking a PILOT agreement for town, county, and school district taxes. If the IDA agrees, a public hearing and cost-benefit analysis would be done, as well as an environmental review. He already has other PILOT arrangements with the IDA for other property in Seneca County.